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Benefits of Captioning Social Media Videos

Companies have adjusted their strategies of producing material to match the rise in popularity of video marketing in recent years. Adults in most parts of the world viewed over an hour and a half of digital videos each day on their devices in 2022.

Companies began to see this statistic as an opportunity to use films on mobile devices and social media platforms to appeal to their audiences. Captioning videos is one of the many best practices for boosting accessibility.

Here are some of the best reasons to start captioning your social media videos.

  • Many people do not have their sound turned on.

With a rising number of people turning off their devices while watching content, subtitles can help reach a wider audience.

When scrolling through social media, especially in a public setting, most individuals would prefer to use subtitles rather than annoy others by turning on the audio. Unless a person has headphones on or is ready to toggle between sound and silence, subtitles are a more convenient way to consume content.

Recognizing this, including captions with video content can be quite beneficial in terms of improving overall audience.

  • It’s Easier to Follow Along with Captions

Because there are different techniques of learning when it comes to memorizing information, including captions in your video can help viewers retain more of it.

Providing captions allows viewers to be exposed to the content in different ways, generating a longer-lasting influence on viewers, whether they are aural learners or prefer to read it themselves.

  • It Benefits Your Search Engine Optimization

People can watch and understand videos, but search engines can’t. This is vital to grasp since search engines will ignore a video if they don’t understand its context.

This means that videos will not have the reach that companies had hoped for. Captions can help, even if search engines can’t recognize individual words in the speech. Search engines can read the text provided in videos with captions, which can significantly improve a video’s accessibility and reach.

  • Captions promote inclusivity

Videos featuring any form of audio require captions to make them accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. By including subtitles, folks who may have difficulties comprehending the content will be able to enjoy it just as much as everyone else.

Video marketing is here to stay, and captioning services can help it be more effective. With the correct outsourcing services, captioning social media videos is a simple procedure. We handle all types of captioning at Boom Global Solutions, so it couldn’t be simpler or faster.

Please contact to learn more about how our captioning services might assist you.

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