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    Academic Writing

    Academic Writing

    Academic Success depends on research and publications – Philip Zimbardo

    Academic writing is a formal style of writing that is employed at universities and academic journals. You’ll see it in academic journals and publications, and you’ll be expected to write your essays, research papers, and dissertations in academic style.

    Academic writing utilizes the same writing process as other sorts of documents, but it adheres to specified topic, organization, and style conventions.

    Journal articles, reports, books, and chapters in edited collections are the most common types of texts written by academics.

    Types of Academic Writing


    In response to a question posed by an instructor, a reasonably short, self-contained argument, often employing references from a class.

    Research Paper

    A more in-depth investigation based on individual research, usually in response to a student-selected question.


    The large final research project completed at the conclusion of a degree, usually on a topic chosen by the student.

    Literature Review

    A critical synthesis of prior research on a topic, frequently produced to inform a new piece of research’s methodology.

    Research Proposal

    An outline and plan for a future dissertation or research project on a potential topic.

    Annotated Bibliography

    A list of source references, each with a brief summary or evaluation.

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